Parboiled Producers NV is a new rice company established in 2012 in Surinam.

With the financial assistance of the Dutch Government (PSI grant) we were able to set up a state-of-the-art Parboiling, Drying and Rice Milling Plant.

Our company is the first in Surinam that produces Parboiled Rice in a modern way. We are mainly supplying the CARICOM market and our local market in Surinam.

Our company works closely together with fifty (50) rice farmers in the rice districts Nickerie. They have been organized in a cooperative carrying the name ‘Rijst Collectief Suriname’. They are financially supported via Stichting Seva. That organization provides the smaller farmers with micro finance. It is our goal and commitment to assist our rice farmers to further growth and in achieving a higher income for them. We bring that in practice by training them about how to increase quality and yield and by educating them about the use of organic fertilizers.

The farmers from ‘Rijst Collectief Suriname’ earn a better price for paddy if they achieve better and consistent quality of paddy.