Production Process

To briefly summarize our parboiled production we can divide the process in 4 steps;
  • Watertreatment (soaking of paddy for 5 to 7 hours at 70°C)
  • Steaming of the product (at 140° C we steam the paddy for a short period)
  • Drying (the paddy is dried via a Fluid Bed Dryer)
  • Removal of the paddy hulls with the rice mill
Thanks to this process the vitamins and minerals in the outer layers of the rice
penetrate into the rice kernel.
Parboiled Rice has the following advantages:
  • We receive less by products such as broken rice
  • The rice is more resistant to insects
  • It can be stored 2 years longer than normal rice
  • Parboiled rice is healthier
  • In the kitchen Parboiled Rice can be re-heated without losing quality
  • Parboiled is loose and fluffy cooking